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Updated: May 10, 2018

Before selecting Liberty Arising for my retreat, I researched several facilities. But, ultimately I chose Liberty Arising because it offered over 100 acres of land available for exploration along with hot/cold tubs and a steam room, the ability to have food provided, an affordable option to pay per participant, yoga mats and other props and the privacy of being the only group on site. Their set-up took care of a lot of the logistical elements, so I could focus on teaching.

After experiencing the weekend with my participants, Liberty Arising not only offered the physical benefits, but unexpected wonders that emerge when people put so much love into the land and center. Not only did they provide food, but raw vegan, organic gourmet meals that were charged with crystals and aligned with each activity we did.

They provided a support team that was constantly responsive and delivered whatever we needed. Their team became a valuable part of the experience for the guests as they shared their personal journeys which enhanced the teachings in which we were immersed.

Not only was there 100 plus acres of land, but the land was supercharged with powerful transformational energy that accelerated the advancement of each participant. I would definitely go back to Liberty Arising and would recommend it to anyone considering leading a retreat.

– Jeanie Barat, Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and Creator of The Fitness Jeanie

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