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Aqua Temple Fundraiser

Concept : Thomas Wall

Rendering : Lin Lin Hu

Fundraising Goal : $33,333

Funds Raised (4/24/24) : $12411.51


Liberty Arising is fundraising $33,333 for our future Aqua and Sound Temple. Water is one of our grandest resources here at Liberty Arising, and this temple will honor our water.


This temple will be the home of aqua therapy treatments where guests will receive healing in these sacred and warm waters. 


Your financial donation will go directly towards materials and labor to bring this Temple space to life. 

Liberty Arising is a project of the The Church of Infinite Harmony, a 501(c)3 religious organization thataccepts the stewardship of Planet Earth and all life contained within, dedicated in the pursuit of harmony and coherence of all beings seen and unseen. The Church of Harmony is a sanctuary for all faiths who are tuned to the Harmonic principles of life.

Liberty Arising was established in 1994 as a retreat center for the New Being Project School of Yoga. Currently the land and facilities are being offered to host yoga retreats and events of all kinds through all traditions and lineages. The majestic 165 acre property has been host to many spiritual lineages, including masters of the Hatha, Kundalini, Tibetan, Sufi, and shamanistic traditions of the planet. Liberty Arising has served as a center for personal spiritual growth in the form of residency since its inception.

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