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The Church 

of Infinite Harmony

Guiding Humans toward Harmony though Stewardship of Planet Earth and Celebration of Life

The Church of Infinite Harmony is a 501(c) Non Profit Corporation

The members of this church accepts the stewardship of Planet Earth and all life contained within. The Church of Harmony recognizes all faiths who accept the sanctity of Planet Earth and all its inhabitants, and provides Sanctuary for all lifeforms regardless of species, race, ethnicities or sexuality in the pursuit of Harmony.

Become a Member

Learn about membership, congregation and service in our community.

The Harmonic Principles

The church's principles that guide us toward coherence with all living beings.

The Corporate Bylaws

Download our corporate bylaws to review the structure of our 501(c)3 Organization

The Ordained Land Steward

Learn More about our stewardship program and help spread our message.

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