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These are the principles of the Church of Infinite Harmony that guide us toward coherence with all living beings and bring health and well being to planet Earth

The Harmonic Principles


1. The Harmonic Principle of the Infinite Mystery


The Church of Infinite Harmony recognizes the origins of life, Earth, and spiritual knowledge as The Infinite Mystery whose true nature can not be understood by humankind, but only felt; not defined, but only contemplated. The Infinite mystery is a paradox we attempt to decipher with our minds, only to leave our minds at the door to infinity. It is the desire to know ourselves through an infinite portal of learning, growing and becoming.


2. The Harmonic Principle of Coherence


The Church of Infinite Harmony recognizes the universe as one coherent body, and that all forms and atomic structures seen and unseen have the sovereign right of existence in this universe. These forms are not separate from each other, nor hold any hierarchy over each other, but are merely in varying states of vibration, rhythm and polarity. Harmony is the willful acceptance of this without the desire to destroy, defeat, silence or war with any other existing principle, person or entity in the universe. 


The Harmonic Principle of Coherence manifest is Gaia, the self-organizing being also known as Planet Earth.


3. The Harmonic Principle of Co-Emergence


The Church of Infinite Harmony recognizes the living body of Universe as a Self Organizing entity capable of transmuting itself within the (self realized) container that is existence. The self-organizing properties of the Universe are immanent, non-linear and are a co-emergence of each individual organism. Humans are an emergent property of a self organized Gaia, or Earth, which is itself an emergent property of a self-organized Universe expanding toward deeper complexity, potentiality and consciousness.


4. The Harmonic Principle of Sanctity


The Church of Infinite Harmony recognizes the living body of the Universe as sacred, and living body of Gaia as a Sanctuary. The Church of infinite Harmony swears to protect the sanctity of Gaia through the preservation of all biodiversity, habitat and natural resources. The Stewards of Gaia practice this by establishing Sanctuaries and practicing the Principles within these Sanctuaries.


5. The Harmonic Principle of Stewardship


The Church of Infinite Harmony recognizes the Stewardship of Gaia as a sacred practice. The ordination and education of Land Stewards is the primary method of worship, and the act of Stewardship is the practice and realization of the Harmonic Principles. 


6. The Harmonic Principle of Presence


Presence is the perpetual state of existence. The Infinite Mystery can only be felt through the Harmonic Principle of Presence; the infinite gateway toward a greater coherence with all emergent properties of Gaia and the Universe.


7. The Harmonic Principle of Change


The universe is not static. It is in a perpetual state of atomic change, which is the very basis of the continuity of life. Our choices create change. The being that cannot change will suffer. Our liberation from suffering is dependent on our adaptability and our choice. We utilize the Harmonic Principle of Change to shift our thoughts, to rhythmically shift them from one feeling to another, one perception to another. We practice the Hermetic Principles of Vibration, Polarity and Rhythm to maintain an infinite mind state toward Harmony.


“Square without corners, vessel without walls, soundless tone, formless image—that is the shape of the Tao. Accept, allow, adapt, flex, bend, change—that is the method of the Tao. Create, complete, fulfill, reverse, return, renew—that is the movement of the Tao.” - Tao Te Ching


8. The Harmonic Principle of Polarity


Harmony can only be understood through disharmony, which manifests on the polarities as peril, danger, or discord. The disharmonic vibrations of our existence accentuate the innate human desire toward Harmony. One cannot be experienced without the other. The nature of the experienced universe is rooted in polarity. 


9. The Harmonic Principle of Sovereignty


All beings are sovereign. Sovereignty is the natural state of being. Free-will is both a divine right and a responsibility, which requires the practice of the Harmonic Principles to avoid perturbations in the self-organizing Gaian field. The only Evil is the attempt to restrict others to one or more belief systems or ways of being and thus, the Church of Infinite Harmony recognizes the paradox of evil taking form in our attempt to eliminate evil elsewhere. All points of view have the right to exist.


The Church recognizes its own right to sovereignty and strives for its own Harmonic existence without infringing on the right of another person or idea to exist; a state of expansion that encompasses all viewpoints. The Church recognizes that organizations and entities that do not practice the Harmonic Principle of Coherence may unlawfully infringe upon the Sovereignty of the Church and other Emergent properties of Gaian consciousness, and will in appropriate cases, enact due diligence to maintain it’s sovereignty.

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