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We Envision a planet thriving with life, bio-diversity and a collaborative human consciousness rooted in the spirit of Gaia and the Stewardship of our Planet

100 Year Vision

Our vision is the vision of a Harmonized Humanity with Gaian Consciousness.

We pray that all sentient beings experience peace and joy, and that our church is joined by many other faiths and societies in attaining equanimity. Our way is but one way. All ways are shrouded in the infinite mystery and upheld by the faith of the human spirit.

The Church of Infinite Harmony will create sanctuaries across the globe with the sole purpose of stewarding the land and all living beings that inhabit these sanctuaries. The human condition is currently one of competition and personal gain. These sanctuaries also serve to heal the human condition of suffering and resolve the limited state of consciousness our society encapsulates.

Our current vision is to bring Liberty Arising, the first and primary sanctuary of the church into harmonic equilibrium, to reverse the desertification and degradation of the topsoil, to enrich the environment into a thriving oasis and regenerates itself without external resource consumption. 

By giving intrinsic value to our natural environment as opposed to valuing the externalized resources provided by our environment (wood, minerals, food, coal, etc.), we are reacquainting ourselves with the importance of nature to our mental health and physical well beings. We must value the trees as oxygen producing resources that are worth more standing than as lumber. We must change our incentives to reflect a more wholistic health for our planet.

The 100 year plan begins with us. Changing our mind-state and being willing to de-commodify our planet. How does one assign value to clean air and water? How does one assign value to a 500 year old tree and it's mycelium intelligence network that supports the younger trees? The commodification of resources as investments, as speculative futures and as goods has externalized our environment and created a false concept of separation. We cannot exist in our current state without the biosphere, known as Earth, and must re-learn how to value it's life giving resources above all else. 

This will require our collective intelligence and a heightened capacity to work together despite differences in cultural beliefs. As a U.S. based institution we begin at home. The Church of Infinite Harmony does not advocate for any political belief system or philosophy, but rather works to mend the existing rifts in all belief systems and harmonize our collective ethic to reflect reverence and gratitude for life itself.

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