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Guiding Humans Toward Harmony through the Stewardship of Planet Earth and the Celebration of Life

The Church of Infinite Harmony


The Church of Infinite Harmony accepts the stewardship of Planet Earth and all life contained within. We are here on Earth, guided by the spirit of Earth itself to usher in peace and prosperity for all living beings. The Church of Infinite Harmony recognizes all faiths who accept the sanctity of Planet Earth and all its inhabitants, and provides Sanctuary for all lifeforms regardless of species, race, ethnicities or sexuality in the pursuit of Harmony. Harmony is a coherence of all things, an agreement or accord within and without. In harmony, all sounds and feels well for everyone. This is the highest order of existence.

The Church is first and foremost a preserver of life on Earth. the Land Stewards are the caretakers of mother earth and all of her children.

The Church believe coexistence with all other religions, ontologies and cultures is possible.

The Church believes that being human is an immanent experience. We are God's nature in human form. Therefore, all experiences are divine.

Our Religious functions are rooted in Esoteric Traditions that have existed on the planet for thousands of years. The church has no Prophet or Spiritual Leader, but derives Divine Wisdom from all the Prophets and Masters that have walked the Earth speaking the Gospel of Harmony. The Church of Infinite Harmony does not recognize any one viewpoint as absolute, but recognizes many esoteric traditions as interpretations of the Infinite Mystery. Esoteric Schools including, but not limited to, the Hermetics, Tantrics, Taoists, Physicists and Sufis are all guilds of a greater doctrine that encompasses the Church of Infinite Harmony.

Derived from these traditions are The Harmonic Principles. These principles are the doctrine of the church, guiding us toward inner and outer harmony with all of existence.  They are a foundation of ethics, a way to be in the world and a guiding light for all human beings. 

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