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Celestial Sisters October 20-22nd, 2023

Calling all sisters! Celestial Sisters is a weekend retreat for women and children of all ages, all races, and all stages of life. Bring your mother, come along with your sister or daughter, or arrive alone and find your sisters here!

Gather together with other women to celebrate yourself and each other. Enjoy a weekend at our beautiful High Desert Retreat Center just one hour East of San Diego, create meaningful connections with other women, and learn tools to bring your body, mind and spirit into greater harmony with your divine self. Dive into a deeper realm of self embodiment and expression, gain community, unplug from your daily life, and tune into our sacred land. Nourish your mind, body, and spirit in the company of women, with the support of women. ♥

To Register contact We require a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your spot for this retreat. Send your deposit via Zelle to 406-249-2330 or Venmo to @racheldragonfly (due to the non-refundable nature of the deposit we don't accept deposits sent with buyer protection - this creates a fee for us and does not ensure that we can keep the deposit in case of a last minute cancellation). Please include a note with your payment letting us know if you'd like to camp, stay in the shared dormitory space or request a private room. Private rooms are available on a first come first served basis. Retreat Package Includes : Lodging Healthy organic meals Free time to walk the land, soak in the hot tub and relax Yoga, movement, and meditation classes Workshops geared towards self growth and healing

Prompts for deep discussion and contemplation Craft Time and more! Price Options (per person) : $400 Private Room

$390 RV or Trailer (sometimes available)

$360 Kodiak Tent $350 Dormitory $330 Camping Most private rooms have a Queen or King size bed and we sometimes have an RV or small trailer available which have twin or full size beds and can sleep 2 people in separate beds. All bedding is provided for your comfort in any private room. We also have 3 Kodiak tents that sleep up to 2 people. Ticket costs are per person so if you are sharing a private room, tent or RV with another woman you must purchase individual tickets.

Offerings & Facilitation Team :

♥︎ Mara Harris ♥︎

MaraH facilitates self and community expansion by opening dialogue about spiritual-mental-physical health as it pertains to our womanhood/femalehood/personhood. She teaches from the hip; drawing upon inspirations from her lifepath and soul concerns. Realizing her life-metamorphosis has been shaped by deeply personal and broader cultural influences, she made life-choices to negate the parameters she felt confined by. In her younger years she revolved her life in the LGBT community, intimately exploring a spectrum of gender expression and chose to defy compulsory beautification norms and female/male coupling norms. As she navigated the cultural norms of womanhood, her longing for nuclear family manifested into community building. MaraH continues to dive into the exploration of what it means personally and socially to play with the parameters of the “ideal of woman". She writes: “The ideal woman is not fixed, anchored or even innate, it never will be, and would be best created and understood in relationship to our own very very personal experience and in examination of the experience of others around us, culturally and globally. I practice to love myself as the woman that I am.” MaraH received a minor in Women's Studies, a degree in Clinical Psychology, and adds 20-years of teaching yoga into the conversation. MaraH has cherished Celestial Sisters since its inception and currently facilitates virtual, monthly New Moon Women Circles online at:

🌷Temple with Katie Dove 🌷

In Temple, we meet in essence and come together to practice presence. We begin to develop a sensational relationship to nature and feel the Divine in everyday activities. Temple brings our bodies back to balance, increasing oxytocin and breaking the stress cycle. In sisterhood we dance, sing, chant, offer sacred touch and sit in silence with one another.

Katie Dove is an intuitive guide, healer, and teacher. She is a mystic and has been exploring esoteric teachings and mystery schools for over two decades. Katie’s gatherings and teaching consist of things she is fascinated by and often working on at the moment. They are a mixture of experiences she has collected over the years and things she has developed herself.

💃🏽 Womb Wisdom Bellydance with Adelaide Marcus💃🏽

Our bellies carry profound emotions and insight. Adelaide specializes in sharing belly/womb dance as a healing art form, blending elements of qi gong, playfulness, and ritual. You will learn the rich historical significance of this “right of passage” as well as explore meditations, metaphors, mudras, and movements that help you tune into your sensuality and innate womb wisdom. This workshop focuses on elongating the vertebrae, clearing stuck energy in the tummy, finding core stability and creating a healthy integrated channel from the spine to the mind. Adelaide’s masterful teaching will guide you into embodying the dance by dropping you deeper into YOUR body and wise womb.

Adelaide celebrates life through art, expressive movement, and empowering others. Born of Syrian blood, Adelaide grew up near song and dance from the womb. She made her way into the spotlight when moving to San Diego in 2005 to create "The Shimmy Sisters" Middle Eastern Dance Company with her blood sister. Her career in entertainment carved the path to becoming an international performing artist and distinguished teacher. Her passion and her profession are one and the same.

🌻 Rachel Dragon 🌻

Rachel will be your guide as we move through a transformational weekend together. She’s our Director and Land Steward here at Liberty Arising and has hand selected a stellar team of women to share their wisdom, their tools, and their hearts with you. She will be available throughout the weekend to answer questions and offer support. Rachel will bring us into the space together during our Opening Circle, she will share a variety of her offerings during our evening sessions, and she’ll assist us in preparing to return to the world with a deeper sense of harmony in our Closing Circle.

You can expect sound healing, meditation practices, and a variety of movement experiences.

Moving with Rachel is an exploration in self awareness, sensitivity, and expressive movement. Tune into your subtle energies and learn where your boundaries begin and end as you explore movement in your physical body. Find freedom in intuitive movement through structured exercises that establish trust and connection in a safe space.

🌿 Leona Grunow 🌿

Leona is mother to a 7 year old boy whom she is homeschooling along with his two cousins. Her family lives together on 32 acres in Boulevard (just up the street from Liberty Arising). Leona’s years living on the land, raising a child and experiencing postpartum depression and autoimmune disease has brought her back to a reconnection with her ancestors and spirit and she is continuously learning how to more deeply connect to them and the energies within and around each one of us. Leona is a land steward at Liberty Arising, bringing wisdom and earth energy when she visits the land.

🥑 Meals provided by Maddie Hamann 🥑

Maddie’s meals are inspired by her lifelong passion for living in health, harmony, and balance with nature. Maddie sources ingredients that support sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices: The food served at Celestial Sisters will be mostly (but not exclusively) plant-based, and the ingredients will be 100% organic, gluten-free, locally-sourced, made from scratch, and free of industrial seed and vegetable oils. You can count on seeing Maddie's company’s delicious organic, gluten-free PACHA bread on the table every day. These food offerings are intended to create space for us to reduce inflammation, promote good digestion, and work through disorderly eating habits.

Please send any questions to


You ladies put on a wonderful retreat! Things flowed smoothly, the land is amazing, the facilities are great, and the offerings were educational and inspiring. I left feeling calm, lifted, and smarter!

--- --- ---

​The Celestial Sisters retreat at Liberty Arising is something that I look forward to going to with my daughter each time. We love being on the land and being with all of the amazing women and children who gather for each retreat. The facilitators do such a great job and all of the offerings are interesting and unique. Can't wait to head back out in October!

--- --- ---

I would encourage you to attend a Celestial Sisters retreat at Liberty Arising! The land, the offerings, the food, and the facilitators are all amazing. I’ve been twice and can’t wait for the next one!

--- --- ---

Thank you for a magical weekend! I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to jump back into my life.

--- --- ---

I would recommend a Celestial Sisters Retreat to all women, a beautiful weekend to clear your monkey minds and remember who you truly are, and celebrate that.

--- --- ---

I've participated in three Celestial Sisters retreats and each one has been unique and perfect in it's own way. The food is amazing and I love the flexible format where you can do as much or as little as you prefer. I find the classes/offerings to be a perfect balance of pushing through my comfort zone, but in a very safe, supportive environment.

--- --- ---

I had such a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend with women only. It was peaceful and I was thankful to only drive an hour out of the city to be in nature. I loved all of it and I will be back again.

--- --- ---

I was happy that, although I was surprised at the level of emotion that spilled out of me, breaking myself open let the stars in me fill my sky.

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