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50 Years of Gratitude : Thomas's Birthday Fundraiser

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

[by Rachel]

Thomas Wall has been a resident here at Liberty Arising since 2016. He was the first official member of our resident community and has been instrumental in helping our community to grow towards our vision. Thomas is a hard worker and dedicates hours upon hours of his time to repair and improve our facilities. He's passionate about working together in community and has inspired us all to beautify our land and facilities.

This year Thomas turned 50 and we asked our community for Donations so we could purchase a Riding Lawnmower for him to use to help clear our land to bring us up to code for fire safety. We passed our goal and were able to purchase the mower, gas, oil, etc. and we used the remaining funds to help with our big Tractor repair. We're grateful for all of your generous donations and we LOVE seeing Thomas riding around on that mower. :)

In case you missed the video feel free to take a peek below.

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