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The Community Gathers to Discuss Meaning and Purpose

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

At a recent community event, we gathered to discuss the meaning and purpose of a church (since we now have one), and how we can define this "organism /organization" to truly represent all of us. We set out to build a church that is culturally relevant, diverse in thought, adaptable, and open to all. Here is some of the rough data on what we gathered.

Q : What does the church mean to you?

  • A place to gather and sing

  • To support each other

  • To connect to spirit and keep spirit present in our lives

  • To pray

  • To discover communication of truth seeking

  • Connecting to ancestry

  • Practicing ritual

  • Acknowledging transformation

  • Conducting Rites of Passage, tradition and expression

Q: What qualities have emerged in churches that we want to avoid?

  • mind control

  • shame

  • limitation

  • judgement

  • conformity

  • exclusion

  • separating the self from divine

  • boring

  • isolation

  • rule heavy

  • power games

  • refusal to change

  • manipulation

Q: What is our Church's Purpose?

  • A Place to Gather

  • Help us find the Keys to Freedom

  • Sustain our Community

  • Offer Rites of Passage and Ritual

  • Celebrate Life

  • Connect us to Nature

  • Offer Healing

  • Offer Vision,

  • Promote Diversity

  • Facilitate Life Transitions

  • Hold each other Accountable

  • Create Sacred Fun

  • Be of Service to the Outer Community

Q : What programs or offerings shall we work on / create?

  • Define our Vision

  • Coping with Death

  • Accountability System

  • Community Expansion

  • Diversity Outreach

  • Native Connections / Events

  • Create support systems outside of Liberty Arising

  • Offer Communication Tools

Q: What Rites of Passage does our Community Want?

  • Childbirth

  • Marriage

  • Adulthood

  • Death

  • Breast feeding

  • Women’s Cycles (Beginning and Ending)

  • Leadership Roles and Taking on Social Responsibility

  • Spiritual rites and rituals

From this point, we will be creating committees to develop these aspects of our church and to grow its ability to serve the community. If you are interested, please email : and share your thoughts or how you would like to help.

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