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Land Steward : Edward Deull

Hello Liberty Family! My name is Edward. I'm a medicine man, spiritual transformation guide, men's work facilitator, and a long time ally of Liberty Arising. My path to becoming a Land Steward with the Church of Infinite Harmony has been crooked, daunting, and utterly magical.

I'm a gypsy at heart, and a mystic. My search for meaning and magic has led me around the world many times over. I lived out of a backpack for the better part of 13 years; I lost myself, found myself, forgot myself, and ultimately became myself. When the thrill of nomadic spontaneity lost its luster, I settled into the endless summer of San Diego and found the teachings of master plants, or, they found me. The plants led me to kambo, kambo led me to service, and service has led me to a life of purpose, passion, power, and peace.

The reward for service is more service. And so I do my best, as a Land Steward, to live in accord with the vow of service I took long ago as a young man humbled by the power of master plants and God. I believe that the future need not be ruled by power and greed, that humans are generally good, and that we’re all far more similar than we are different. I’m committed to lending my gifts in service as a Land Steward, teacher, and facilitator so that future generations may inherit a world and society that eschews peace, loving kindness, and resource sharing.

I look forward to connecting more with the Liberty Arising and Church of Infinite Harmony community. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram @kambofrog. Blessings fam!

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