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Meet our Ladies 🐓

[by Sophia]

Meet the ladies of the land - Marla, Fluffy, Soy Sauce, Pepper, Omlette, Orange, Lemon, Plum & Beva. You would never guess, but 4 of these beauties were scrawny, covered in stick fleas and sick when we first received them. Now they are plump, happy and one (Marla) has grown into quite the bossy bird! We've learned so much in assisting in their transformation and watching their personalities emerge! Who knew that chickens could be like little lap dogs? Fluffy, in particular, loves to be held and rocked like a babe. 

We recently finished our large garden gate which has created a huge free-range zone for the ladies. They are happier than ever! Keeping our bugs at bay and pooping everywhere - yay! Enjoying their fresh laid eggs paired with our garden goodies has been wonderful for us. We're becoming more and more sustainable with the passing days. Living life on the land is feeding our souls and these ladies are a huge part of that realization.

Next time you stop out, we would be glad to introduce you to this sweet little bunch. We recently taught them how to jump with the coaxing of dried grubs. Maybe by the time you see them, we will have them flying through hoops! 

Do you have any fun chicken tips for us? We would love to hear!

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